Ankle bracelet monitoring business plan

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How to Earn $85K Per Month Monitoring House Arrest Bracelets

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Alcohol and location monitoring services from Pioneer Peak Monitoring LLC. GPS Ankle Bracelet Monitoring of Low-Risk Offenders Costs More than Anticipated Cutting of ankle bracelets is a common occurrence among users, and when offenders don’t pay for unreturned units.

ELECTRONIC MONITORING SERVICES FOR YOUTH Ankle bracelet. electronic monitoring services are used to promote public safety, monitor juvenile offender whereabouts, and to enhance preadjudication or predisposition -. ELECTRONIC MONITORING SERVICES FOR YOUTH Ankle bracelet.

electronic monitoring services are used to promote public safety, monitor juvenile offender whereabouts, and to enhance preadjudication or predisposition -. Today, the company’s Electronic Home Monitoring (EHM) division earns up to $85, per month in recurring revenue by being paid $ per day by the “client” wearing the bracelet.

There is no revenue share for the municipalities. A monitoring company may sell new or used equipment to police departments or government agencies.

How Do Offender Monitoring Companies Make Money?

Moreover, some of these companies may offer similar equipment for commercial use.

Ankle bracelet monitoring business plan
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