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Open a branch

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Obtaining a Dubai Financial Services Authority licence

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Dubai Representative Office

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Setting up a branch or representative office of a foreign company in the UAE

You must have a polished business plan, which includes a study of the fact conditions, the competition and your bad results. STARTING A BUSINESS IN DUBAI Dubai Business Guide Operations Business Support Department Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Published by: Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry Business Support Department P.O. Box High quality office and residential accommodations. Setting up at Dubai Outsource City (DOC) is a seamless and simple process.

Before you begin, click here to view the list of business segments and activities permitted in DOC. To get started, kindly click on the category below that best describes your business.

UAE business setup: Advantages, documents needed and 7 steps in establishing a branch office in Dubai A UAE business setup is quite easy to do for foreign individuals or companies.

See the video below for further information. Branch or Representative Office Setup in Dubai.

Setting up a branch or representative office of a foreign company in the UAE

Setup your branch office in Dubai with the help of Business Link UAE, leading business service providers based in Dubai. Most of the international companies have their representative office in UAE, we help our clients from across the world to complete the procedures related to start a branch or.

Islami Bank Bangladesh has recently sought regulatory approval to set up a representative office in Dubai to facilitate trade and remittance earnings from the Middle East. Operating a representative office. There are also five different categories of licence. Both the types of activities and category of licence have implications for the initial application process (including the obligation to prepare and agree a business plan with the DFSA in certain circumstances) and for ongoing compliance requirements.

Business plan representative office dubai
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How to start a branch office in Dubai UAE? - Shuraa Business Setup